DMC Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

DMC Floating Yokohama Marine Fenders has the advantages of massive energy absorption with low unit surface pressure acted upon the ship so that it has become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, bulk carriers and floating structures, large docks, harbor and wharfs.

Construction Features
DMC Floating pneumatic rubber fenders constructed by out rubber, inner rubber, Synthetic-tire-cord,beading ring, flange opening, safety valve, metal accessories, are kind of a cylindrical air bags with hemispherical heads at both ends.All of these are vulcanized together, and then compress air inside to enable in to float on the water.

Features and Advantages
Compliance with ISO 17357:2002
Low Reaction Force and Hull Pressure
More Safety and Reliability
Most Cost Competitive System
Lower Mooring Forces
Advantage against Shearing Force
Adaptable to the Tide
Simple and Low Cost Installation
Low Maintenance Cost
Various Optional Fitting

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